Tactical Warfare

Tactical Warfare – Rules Of Engagement – Vehicles, Props and Player Roles

Rules of engagement for Tactical Warfare 

Before attending a Tactical Warfare event, we recommend reading and learning the rules of engagement with player roles and on field props.

Tactical Warfare Player Roles

Squad Leader Role

The Squad Leader needs to be proficient in tactics and leadership. He or she will make the
tactical decisions of the squad and lead them in battle. This person must take a step back and
observe the situation, adapt and change where needed for mission success. Mission success relies on clear and concise communication skills by the Squad Leader.

Medics Role

At Tactical Warfare a medic can revive any player by running up to and wrapping a white bandage around the downed player’s arm. Medics will only be allowed a certain amount of bandages per mission.
If a player is shot and it’s unlikely the medic can get to the player, it is then up to that dead player’s discretion to forfeit position and go back to the designated respawn. Once that
player commits to the walk, there is no turning back. If a player calls for a medic, and, moves away from the location that he was shot, the downed player must continue to walk to a respawn and is not allowed to be revived by a medic. Downed players drop where they get shot, that’s the only location a medic can revive you. Medic’s can be revived by other medics.

Sniper Role

Snipers are allowed to leave their designated start point before the game commences.
Ideally, snipers can go to key points of the map to defend or hold positions. Snipers CAN NOT

Snipers CAN NOT capture flags at any point in the game.

All three snipers from each squad can link up and form a 3 man recon team if needed.

Engineer’s Role

Engineers are the only players on the field that are allowed to use bombs, RPGs, roadside bombs and repair kits for vehicles. This all depends on the mission that is currently in play, not always are props used in games. Engineer’s must be in a vehicle for that vehicle to move.

Assault Role

Assault troops are on the ground to carry out missions passed down from Squad Leaders. This is imperitive at Tactical Warfare events if you wish to win the day.


Tactical Warfare on field Props

Light vehicle

The light vehicle is used for both fire support and transportation. If hit in the light vehicle you are able to be revived by a medic, if a medic is not available you will have to exit the vehicle and find your closest designated respawn. An engineer must be inside the vehicle for it to move.
If the light vehicle is hit by the RPG, all players are considered dead and will need to exit and find the closest respawn.

Heavy Vehicle


Both fire support and transportation require the heavy vehicle.

All players in the back of the heavy vehicle are impervious to paintballs and cannot die. If the heavy vehicle is hit with the RPG, the vehicle is considered disabled, all players are still live and will have to exit the downed vehicle and continue on with the mission.


At certain points in time throughout the day the Juggernaut will be brought into the field of play. The Juggernaut will always be a referee or member on one team fighting against the other. The Juggernaut is impervious to paintballs and paint grenades. The only way to disable the Juggernaut is to touch him anywhere on the body with your hand without getting shot.

Riot Shields

We highly encourage the use of riot shields a tactical Warfare events. When a riot shield is in play and a paintball hits the shield and not the player, that is not classed as a hit. In order to shoot that riot shield player out, you will need to hit that player anywhere on the body or gun as usual. The Downed player will leave the riot shield on the ground if spawning, or, if revived by a medic can get back up and continue on with the mission.

Tactical Warfare Assault Helicopter

The helicopter will be used differently from event to event depending on the mission that play out.

Do not shoot at the helicopter, but it can shoot at you.

It has been used in the past as air support, air strikes, picking up high valued targets (HVT), inserting and extracting small 3 man teams and extracting props from games.
The helicopter may come up for certain individuals that are willing to pay to be either inserted or extracted from the game, however, this depends on the mission that it at play. Enquire with the event organisers well before the event.

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