Tactical Paintball

tactical paintball

Tactical Paintball

Weekend Paintball

Every Weekend (Saturday + Sunday)

We ask all players to arrive 45min prior to the session start for check-in and registration.
Am Session: 9am - 12.30pm
Pm Session: 2pm - 5.30pm

All players must pay a deposit of $30 each prior to playing… What does this get you???
This deposit not only secures your equipment for the day but also entry to the 3.5-hour session BUT ALSO your first 100 rounds.
This is a non-negotiable deposit!

Please Visit here for all info on pricing

$40 - 200 Paintballs
$80 - 400 Paintballs
$108 - 600 Paintballs
$162 - 900 Paintballs
$224 - 1400 Paintballs

Extra paintballs on the field - $22 per 100

 The Home Of Tactical Paintball

Hello and welcome to Tactical Ops Paintball Rosewood.

Over the past 3 and a half years our team has been dedicated to bringing you the very best tactical experience. Leveraging on line games such as Call Of Duty and Battlefield our goal has been to bring this experience live to the players with our weekend combat games such as Rush, Conquest, Team Deathmatches and Capture The Flag.

Now before you start thinking this might be a little too full on for you, we assure you that over the course of 3 years we have matched our game types to suit everyday players all the while making sure this is an absolute KICK ASS event.

Held every weekend at Tac Ops you will arrive at the fields and be greeted by our friendly staff members in the reception where you will be given your protective Mask and Camouflage Clothing before you make your way down to the FOB (Forward Operating Base) where you can leave all of your gear, buy drinks, talk smack with your mates and have a walk around the map. It is here you that you will be split into your teams, safety briefed, given your guns and your first mission brief.

The first game you play will be to get a feel of the paintball marker and ultimately learn what it feels like when you get hit with a paintball flying 300fps. After the first game has finished we break out the real missions with vehicles, riot shields, juggernauts and smoke grenades.

This is where having a battle buddy really counts, we all know what it’s like when you are playing a game of COD or Battlefield by yourself, sure if you are an absolute gun you can tear up the field but here in real life when you have 100’s of paintballs whizzing over your head at around 329 klms an hour, opposing players, juggernauts running towards you while smoke is ripping across the field, is when a mate can pin down those guys laying down rounds at you by leapfrogging past sandbag bunkers, huts, bombed out vehicles and structures to grab the objective, blow up or defuse the bomb, take a vehicle destroy a juggernaut or capture unheld territory.

But most of all it’s all on you if you want to come out to just shoot the shit out of your mates, a very hung over bucks party, birthdays or any special event we can cater for you.

Don’t wait around