(NBL) National Bushball League

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(NBL) National Bushball League

$250 Novice Division Registrations
$350 Pro Division Registrations
$85 1 box of paint (2000 rounds)

Teams must register 2 weeks prior to each event.

5 man teams take to the field and battle it out over Queensland’s best paintball fields.
The game of NBL revolves around two light stations, two flag points and two 5 man teams fighting for points in a 10-minute game.

This season’s series will kick off at Mango Hill Paintball field on the 23rd of May for round 1. Then travelling to Brisbane’s CBD at Spec Ops Paintball on the 25th of June. With round 3 being held here at Tactical Ops Paintball in Rosewood on the 27th of August. For the series final team will make the trip up to Rockhampton to Magnum Paintball on the 29th of October where the series Champions will be decided.
Call for further details about how to get involved with the events..