Tactical Warfare 2018

hero tac warfare

Tactical Warfare 2018

$150 1000 Paintballs + Entry & Equipment Hire (E&E) + BBQ Lunch
$200 2000 Paintballs [1 Box] + E&E + BBQ Lunch
$20 Head Band
$10 Protective Groin Box
$10 Combat Gloves


Arrive no later than 8am for registration
9am - Saftey Brief
10am - 1st Game Start.
3.30pm - Finish

Tactical Warfare is the pinnacle of Scenario Paintball events and it’s what Tactical Ops Paintball prides ourselves on.

This is the event that ALL paintballers want to be at.

With multiple Vehicles, Juggernauts, RPG’s, Riot Shields, Bombs, Squad Leaders, 2IC’s, Medics, Snipers, Engineers, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Squads, this is the event of events when it comes to Tactical Paintball.

Get in contact to finalize your booking or ask any question’s you may have.